Historically Dynamic

Staying ahead of the Philly culinary market from the start.

In 1991, Charles Friel and Larry Feldman saw a need for higher quality products in Philadelphia area restaurants.

At that time the restaurant culture was really changing to a gourmet appetite. They wanted to be better, creative, and set the bar high.

They wanted to be Exceptional!

They started off small in a rented building space and worked day and night to build the business. The two would be the sales, butcher, warehouse, and delivery drivers as it was just them. As they grew and added customers they added staff and eventually purchased a building on Allen Street in Philadelphia. They would continue to grow the business at this location for 20 years.

In 2017 Exceptional Foods was growing again and purchased a larger facility in near by Pennsauken Township, New Jersey where we are located today. Exceptional Foods has served the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania for the last 28 years. And we continue to follow the example Charlie and Larry set years ago:

Work hard to make your customer’s experience Exceptional.