Meet the Meat

A hard-hitting lineup of some of the finest proteins available.

Our Products

Our curated line of top-quality proteins includes hand-picked new meats and specialty products that will set you apart.

New York Strip Steak

We carry a wide range of western, local, and imported beef . We purchase from the best companies in the industry with sustainability and quality in mind.

Premium Pork

We offer top of the line, all-natural, designer pork products from local companies as well as Heritage, Berkshire, and Sakura – sourced from the finest animals, raised on a vegetarian diet with no hormones or antibiotics.

Veal Meddalions

Sourced locally from Plume De Veau, humanely raised tether free in Ohio and New York, our milk-fed veal is all natural and Ohio State University Certified.

Premium Lamb

Our domestic lamb is locally sourced, humanely raised and humanely slaughtered to provide the best possible product.

Premium Poultry

Our locally sourced, ABF and NAE poultry products can be cut to perfectly fit your menu.

Premium Charcuterie

Offering the finest Principe and 1732 Meats charcuterie.